Benefits to Dentists

Pediatric Dental Surgical Associates

Benefits to General Dentists

There are many benefits to you and to your practice when you refer your patient to Pediatric Dental Surgical Associates.

  • Have a viable option available for your patients and parents
    • Work with board certified pediatric dentists
    • Work with the # 6 hospital in the nation, indirectly
    • We safely treat special needs and medically compromised patients
  • Keep a happy, high-quality patient, for the long term
    • No risk of losing patient due to referral – we are a surgery-only practice
  • Marketing benefits for your office
    • Increase positive experiences and reviews in your office
  • Efficient and Easy
    • We follow strict AAPD guidelines for HIPPA compliance
    • Minimal burden on your patients
    • We do everything!
  • Eliminate the use of papoose
  • Improve long-term outcomes
    • High-quality restorative care
    • Behavior improvement
  • Minimize or eliminate your liability costs (sedation, in office anesthesia)
  • Cost to families is minimal due to being networked with most PPO and Medicaid insurances (pediatric dentists, hospital fees, anesthesia costs, facility costs)
  • Retain focus on clinical care without losing time on surgical cases

For more information about the Benefits to Patients or to Refer a Patient, contact us.