1. Is this service done at Lurie Children’s OR or in a private office?

This service is done at Lurie Childrens (either the downtown OR, or the Satellite ORs)

  1. Are all the providers part of the medical staff at Lurie’s?

Yes, all the providers on my team are credentialed, board certified, and active attendings on staff at Lurie

  1. Is this full GA or IV sedation?

This is full nasal intubation and GA (no oral, absolutely no IV)

  1. Do you charge the families any fees?

The medical side covers the facility and hospital anesthesia charges.  We preauthorize for this.  Legally, it must be covered for anyone under 6.  The hospital will ask the family for a 50% downpayment of at least their deductible to bring on the day of surgery (for medicaid, its covered 100%).  We preauthorize all the dental, and wait for a preestimate to come back.  From the preestimate, we are able to determine what is covered, and what isn’t.  We then have the parents sign off on paperwork stating which codes are covered, and which arent.  Payment for noncovered services is due prior to the surgery.

  1. Who provides the anesthesia care – dental anesthesiologist, medical anesthesiologist, CRNA, etc? Are they staff at Lurie’s?

The anesthesia is administered by anesthesia residents under supervision by a board certified pediatric anesthesiologist (they usually cover multiple rooms at a time)

  1. How’s the post-op care done? Are there pediatric nurses involved?

All nurses are pediatric nurses.  Everything occurs in the hospital and post op recovery areas with the Lurie nurses, who then discharge the patient home.  We will do a 1 day post op call, and a 7 day post op call with the surgeon to review issues.  The parents are encouraged to take photos and send them to us after recovery for review.  If the child looks good, we will discharge the patient back to the referring office with completed records (a printed binded presentation showing preop photos, intraoop photos, post op photos, and our clinical notes).