Referral Process

Pediatric Dental Surgical Associates

Our referral process is easy and efficient. Simply follow the initial steps below to submit your case and we do the rest!

Your Part:

  1. Visit our Referral page.
  2. Enter HIPAA Password: abc
  3. Thoroughly complete required fields and submit.

Our Part:

  1. The case will be reviewed by one of our ABPD board certified pediatric dentists.
  2. We will complete a phone consult with the patient’s family.
  3. We will provide a letter of medical necessity to the patient’s insurance company and handle pre-authorization and pre-estimates.
  4. We will schedule the surgery with the hospital and the patient.
  5. We will provide compassionate, full-mouth surgical rehabilitation to the patient.
  6. We will return the patient to you with high-quality dental restorations and complete surgical records, ready for a lifetime of preventive care.